Free Zone Company in Iran

Establishing Free Zone Company in Iran has many benefits. Free trade zones have been created in order to achieve goals such as growth and development of the attraction of foreign capital and technology and to create a environment to secure the foreign investment. these free trade area regions in Iran include Kish-Qeshm, Chabahar-Aras-anzali-ARV .
Major privileges of these areas can be summarized as below:
  • Tax free for 15-year
  • Customs exemptions in terms of effects and trading profits for raw materials and the equipment.
  • No restrictions on the entry and exit of foreign currency & exchange.
  • No restrictions on the entry and exit of foreign entities (Visa-Free).
  • Simple laws and regulations to perform easy administration.
  • Geographically connected regions, mainly the sea.
  • No limits for the foreign partner for company registration

Regulation of foreign investment in the free zones in Iran

  • Foreign investors can take part in the economic activities of the region with no investment amount limit.
  • Foreign investors inquiries received by same free zone authority and Enterprise license and permission issued by the same authority.
  • The holder of the investment license is bound to invest a certain percentage of the capital to start the operation withing the validity of the license.
  • Operation of the Enterprise license is subject to licensing by the exploit free zone organization.
  • Foreign investors in the free zones can take advantage of the law encourage and support for foreign investment in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • The investor can insure the assets and the investment.
  • Withdrawal of the corporate profit or the sums relating to the principle of economic activities and the benefits of foreign capital as well as the amounts arising from the sale or transfer of such assets of the free zone areas is allowed.
  • Investor can transfer their shares by the approval of the authorities to other investors.

Exemption on income tax

  • Transfer of goods (purchase and sale) within the scope of any exempted area.
  • Perform services within the scope of any exempted area.
  • Non-resident persons contracting services to persons residing in any area by obtaining a license from the free zone since the enrollment rate of value added tax (level of the services) is exempt.
  • Exports of goods and services from abroad will be exempt.
  • The arrival of the goods and services to the Mainland are subject to value added tax rules and regulations.

Export, import and customs

  • Commercial exchanges with overseas areas or other areas of free and special economic and geographic scope as well as in each of the free zones are subject to export and import regulations and customs free zones law within the framework free zones authority.
  • The order of entry of the goods into the free zones of the function specified by the criteria for the free zone that can be done with minimal formalities.
  • The arrival of any goods to any of the free zones is allowed. With the exception of goods that are in accordance with the holy religion of Islam or the laws of the country where the name of the free zones is stipulated, prohibited or unauthorized based on special regulations area.
  • The arrival of the goods in order to maintenance, distribution, export, and transit in covered warehouses of free zones for the Organization of a given deadline (set by each of the areas of the Organization) is allowed
  • Export of goods made in the region to other regions of the country or outside the country, including being free of raw materials used in it from within the country or from abroad or from other regions of the country is allowed.


Registration of companies in the free zones

  • In the company registration office and industrial property and intellectual property of the company, free zones company can be registered with 100% foreign partners and ownership.
  • Any company that is registered in the free zone is considered Iranian company.

Residence, entry and exit of foreigners without a visa

  • Entry to the Free Zones does not require visa for foreign national.
  • The residence permit to be issued for two weeks and according to the demand of the organization responsible for each area will be extended to six months.
  • Permit to stay for foreign nationals is provided through the free zones authority.