General concepts of trademarks

Trademark is a sign or signature for industrial goods or services offered by a person/Board of the commodities or services of other enterprises with distinct entities.


the period of validity of the legal registration of the trademarks registered ten years from the date of submission. This period extended with owner’s request for a consecutive ten year period stipulated by the payment.

General Conditions

According to article 32 of the law the following conditions are mandatory in registering a trademark:
  • To distinguish the products and services of one from another.
  • To comply with public order, morality or religious principles.
  • Avoid misleading , especially about the geographical origin of the goods or the services or features.
  • Avoid including military badge, flag, or other national icons or incite racial discrimination or the name of the first letters of the name of an official name or logo belongs to the country, international organizations, or organizations which have been established under the international conventions, unless the relevant authority of the country allowed it be issued.
  • mislead to simulation or a translation of the mark or trade name that is the same for the same goods or services belonging to another institution in Iran.